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Online Estate Planning

In the convenience of your own home!!! 

On your schedule!!!

At a fixed fee!!!

Here’s how it works:

Step One - Download and complete our Estate Planning Questionnaire the questions and answers will guide your thinking and create the basis for developing your estate plan by clicking here - Estate Planning Questionnaire Download

Step Two - View “Why You Need a Will” on this page. As we walk you through
some of the concerns which we will address in helping you with your estate planning we will ask you to answer the questions posed in our  

Estate Planning Questionnaire. 


After you have completed the program - go to Step Three.





Step Three  -  Call or e-mail Theresa Citrenbaum, our estate planning coordinator at 610 565 1708 Ext 104, or email her at to schedule an online conference with one of our estate planning attorneys.

  • For this conference, you will need to have a Zoom or Skype account. 

  • If you don’t have one we will send you an email to assist you in establishing a Zoom or Skype Account.

  • As an alternative, we can either schedule a telephone conference without Zoom or Skype or an in-office visit in our Media Office located at Suite 204 - 6th and Olive Streets.

Step Four -  Based on this conference will draft your Estate Planning documents and send them to you for review. Our fees are billed on fixed fee basis, not hourly, basis according to the following fee schedule:


                      Simple Will Single Individual - $675  

                      Simple Wills for a Married Couple - including both Wills, General                                         and Medical Powers of Attorney, Living Will - $850

                      Will Married Couple - Trust for Minor Children including two Wills,                                       General and Medical Powers of Attorney, Living Will - $975

                      Separate - General Power of Attorney  - $200               

                      Separate - Medical Power of Attorney - $200

                      Separate - Living Will - $200 

                      All other recommended estate planning - Fees quoted in advance. 

Step Five -   After review, we will arrange for the execution of your documents, and then you are done! All in your own home and at your convenience.

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